Thankful Thursday

Looking at the list this week, I notice that there are a lot of ‘summery’ things. The whole experience of four seasons was new to me when we came back to the States for the first time, after four years away. I was used to basically two seasons – we jokingly called them ‘wet’ and ‘wetter’, it was warm/hot pretty much all the time.

I’m fairly sure I’d studied seasons in school, but feeling the dry heat of a Texas summer and the biting cold of winter (even in Texas it was still a lot colder than I was used to!) was completely different than reading about it. Even though we came back three more times after that, having four seasons was still an adjustment when I started to settle in to college. Of course, the fact that I’d picked a college in Western New York meant a steep learning curve on winter!

Possibly because of the winters my first four years back, Spring is now my favorite season. 🙂 We’re in the transition now between Spring and Summer, which is still fun, and leads to things to be thankful for like these:

  • roadside flowers that add a splash of color
not really a roadside flower, but pretty anyway

not really a roadside flower, but pretty anyway

  • that I can watch the corn and wheat and hay fields growing on my daily drive
  • fireflies 🙂
  • fresh peaches (even though I pretty inevitably make a mess of myself eating them)
  • band-aides to protect the tender spots on my feet caused by my cute new shoes (I still like them and they’ll break in eventually…)
  • coupons and clearance racks, so said new shoes didn’t cause my bank account too much stress last weekend 🙂
  • no major damage from the severe weather we’ve had in the area this week

UPDATE 6/14/13: I should have done more research before adding that last point – either that or said I’m thankful for no major damage to my home or where I work from the severe weather. This Weather Channel article shows the damage by state – looks like I was ‘lucky’.

Do you have a favorite season? Or seasonal things you are thankful for?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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One Response to Thankful Thursday

  1. Siobhan (Hannah) says:

    I like all the seasons for they all have there place and we need them all. I am also thankful for the much Swiss chard and lettuce we getting from the garden with all this rain. Thank you Lord.


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