Thankful Thursday + Fourth of July

Fair warning: this may be a bit longer than my Thankful Thursday posts usually are, since I’m combining two topics. 🙂 And, yes, I know it is not Thursday, but I wanted to keep the titles consistent.

Yesterday was the 4th of July, which I know is not a holiday for some of my international readers being American Independence Day, but I did have off work. It was hot and muggy in my corner of the country, but it would hardly be the Fourth without the heat. My list this week combines things to be thankful for from across the week with what I did for the holiday yesterday.

This week, I am thankful for:

  • homemade frozen fruit smoothies to cool me down when the weather is hot – and they are nutritious too
  • a visit from friends Sunday evening, even if it was short
    — we had fun and my apartment is cleaner than it was, which feels nice. Company is good cleaning motivation! 🙂

    The cutest little July 4th watermelon :-)

    The cutest little July 4th watermelon

  • the cutest little watermelon ever 🙂
    — I chopped it in half and sat on the balcony yesterday to eat it with a spoon. It was sweet and juicy, as a watermelon should be. It would have been even more fun with seeds to spit off the edge, but you can’t have everything I guess.
  • letting someone else do the cooking
    — I bought a rack of barbequed pork ribs from the grocery store for ten bucks. I chopped them apart and heated them in my new toaster oven. They were pretty good for being grocery store ribs and the clean-up was light.
  • air conditioning
    — I was stubborn and didn’t turn mine on until July 4th this year. I pay for electricity (AC) at my apartment, but not gas (heat). The electric bill is not that high, it was just the principle of the matter, not turning it on before I really needed it. 😛
  • sweet, tender American corn on the cob
    — this was not always a given on the 4th growing up. My corn turned out very good yesterday, even if I only make it once every couple of years. It was good enough that I may have to make it more often this summer…
  • how much fun fireworks still are
    — the new header picture is from yesterday
  • the technology to text back and forth with family; it brought a touch of togetherness to my day spent largely on my own
  • plastic wrap and a fridge, so I can have delicious leftovers for dinner tonight 🙂
  • that I had a good Fourth of July, even though things didn’t go “as planned”
  • good, old familiar movies to make me laugh in all their glorious 90s cheesiness
    — I watched The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis this week and I’m planning to watch Independence Day with Will Smith this evening (it’s a tradition on the Fourth, I’m just off by a day)

Did you have a good Fourth of July holiday, if you had one? Did you do anything fun to be thankful for this week? (Do you enjoy the occasional 90s movie? ;-))


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday + Fourth of July

  1. Jungle Dan says:

    Emily and I celebrated by having awesome mexican food at a local restaurant and buying an air conditioner.


  2. I love the fireworks! And thankful you enjoyed the watermelon. That is about the same size I bought last weekend. Thankful for cooler weather here today. Raining. Glad you had a good visit with M&S. Love you!


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