I had another idea in mind for this week, but it isn’t written out yet, so you get some randomness instead. Everybody needs a little random to change up the predictable every now and then. 😉

~~ I love seeing movies in theater. I love the sensory experience of the big screen and the big sound system. I still grin at the memory of myself as a sixteen year old kid watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in theaters for the first time and the thrill that went through me when I felt the Balrog’s roar vibrate through my body. I love hearing the reaction from the other people around me – like the person who called out “Don’t do it!” during that decision moment in the outhouse in Slumdog Millionaire; or how people actually clapped and cheered when Hobbs finally showed up to even the scales during Dom’s fistfight in the airplane in Fast & Furious 6; or that furtive glancing side-to-side while watching Les Misérables to confirm that, no, I am not the only one wiping away tears… (I will grant you there are times when I wish other audience members would keep their snarky comments to themselves, but thankfully those are fewer than the moments I enjoy.)  [I should take a moment to note that I am not responsible for content in any external links I provide. I link the movie titles, mostly to IMDb, the Independent Movie Database, so that if you don’t know what movie I mean, you can get more information if you would like. The content there, however, is not necessarily endorsed. There, bases covered.] I love how, for those two or three hours, we are all transported together away from our everyday… whether it’s to another world like Avatar, or to a different version of our world like Iron Man 3, or to someone’s vision of a different time like Titanic, or some other option altogether.
Perhaps someday I’ll do another post on why I love movies in general, but that’s the nutshell version of why I love movies in theater. [Second disclaimer: I am not saying that because I like these movies that you will. I am not saying that if I had children I would take them to or let them see these movies (I am amazed at what people bring their kids to these days, though.) These are movies that I enjoy at this stage of my life and when I am making the decision for myself alone. That said, if you have seen any of these movies and would like to discuss them, I’m all for it. 🙂 ]

I get to see some variation of this on my way home many days.

I get to see some variation of this on my way home many days.

~~ So last Saturday, I went to see Pacific Rim, which opened on the 12th. I’ve been looking forward to this movie since the first time I saw a trailer about a month and a half ago. In fact, I contemplated turning this whole post into just a review of Pacific Rim, but then I decided that not enough of you would care. It’s okay, we can’t all be the same. 🙂
I loved it. I thought from the previews that the visuals would be stunning, and they were. It is a bit too violent to be the next Avatar (the majority of the plot, after all, is the battle between the giant alien Kaiju, and the massive robots, called Jaegers, humanity builds to defend themselves,) but I think the CGI is just as good. Good enough that I’m contemplating springing the money to see it again in 3D – I picked 2D the first time because I just couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t have concentrated so hard on the look of the movie that they dropped the plot. However, the plot did work for me – though I know some people will complain about the “predictability.” My opinion on that is that certain story frames work because we know they are good, so, because we know them, we are able to see something of what is coming.
I will say that I didn’t think of this as a ‘classic’ monster movie until I went to read the reviews after I watched it. And, to a certain extent, it is a monster movie; though this time it’s not an over-sized ape perched on a pointy building batting at biplanes – it’s huge reptiloid invaders from another universe seeking to destroy population centers. While I am not generally a monster movie fan, I did enjoy most of Peter Jackson’s King KongI found the human element to Pacific Rim – separate from the superbly realized aliens and robots, though to call them ‘robots’ doesn’t do the Jaegers justice – to be engaging and believable. I did end up caring about the Jaeger pilots, and, yes, even shed a tear. And while the movie did leave me with questions, none of them were because of major errors.
So, if you don’t like aliens, or epic battles, or monsters like Godzilla, or science-fiction in general, this might not be the movie for you. But if you like any of those things, or action movies with brilliant visuals, or original ideas (this is not a Marvel/DC Comics franchise), or a summer blockbuster that you can analyse or just enjoy, then I think you should go see this movie.
Then come back and tell me what you think. 😉

Taken 6/30/13, along with the ones above and below.

Taken 6/30/13, along with the ones above and below.

~~ I have learned how to make a great “grilled” cheese sandwich in my new toaster oven. It’s wonderful because you still get the toasty crunchiness and the gooey melted-cheesiness but, especially if you eat it off a folded paper towel, you don’t make any dirty dishes. This is key for someone as chronically behind on the dishes as me.

I love seeing the beauty in creation.

I love seeing the beauty in creation.

~~ We’re having a heat wave this week (it was over 90 yesterday and today and is projected to continue so through the weekend.) I let some of my plants get a little thirsty over the weekend and by the time I noticed last night, they were looking somewhat worse for the wear. So I watered them thoroughly and moved them to the more shaded part of the balcony. I hope they’ll be okay.

And that wraps it up for the randomness this time around. Hopefully I’ve managed to edit out most of the rambling and the above somewhat makes sense. I really do enjoy movies and talking about them – if you have an opinion one way or the other on any movie I’ve mentioned, or have a recommendation, I’d love to hear it. The comment box is open.


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  1. Gramma says:

    Hi Ruth, I don’t go to many movies, just watch whatever is on tv. Not one to go much of any place on my own. 🙂 Your thoughts reminded me, I may have been at a movie with AJ, not sure, anyhow it was a “horse” movie, and when the horse won the final race, everyone in the theater clapped. 🙂


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