Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday again. It’s been a rather varied week for me. Some good things (like Pacific Rim – yes, I liked it, and I love going to the movies) and some not so good (like it taking two hours for my brain to shut down to sleep on Monday night, even though I went to bed at what counts for me as early).

I did walk to my closest public library on Saturday, which I haven’t done before. It’s about four miles round trip, though thankfully it’s pretty much all flat. 🙂 I got hot and tired and thirsty and sweaty and it was great. I’m undeniably out of shape, but it felt good to set a goal and make it. I am thankful for a mostly healthy body so I can do things like that even though I was stiff the next day. I’m also thankful, in no particular order, for:

  • paper plates, so frozen pizza Saturday night didn’t add to the dishes pile (though I did make some progress on said pile Sunday night)
  • water fountains with free, clean, cool water for anyone who wants it – I took advantage of ones at the library and at the grocery store on my walk Saturday.
  • hot running water – much as I dislike washing dishes, having hot water at the turn of a tap certainly helps. It could be so much worse – and is for a lot of the world.
  • cute, soft, smiley babies (no, I’m not having one, my boss brought her nine-month-old grandson to visit work today and I held him and he smiled at me)

    Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG /

    Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG /

  • homemade popcorn with season salt – made a batch to go with a DVD Friday night. It’s so yummy.
  • free chocolate ice cream (leftover from an event at work)
  • the fact that I am not a black cow – I drive by a couple fields of them and I wonder “how can they take the heat? Standing outside in the sun all day in a black fur jacket they can’t take off…” (admittedly, there are other reasons to be glad for not being a cow – blogging with hooves would be difficult)

Are there any simple pleasures you are thankful for, like cool water? Or anything you’re thankful you’re not? 🙂 Feel free to share them!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Gramma says:

    I’m thankful for a lovely grown up granddaughter who I love with all my heart. :)_


  2. Susan Gossner says:

    My very, very favorite fruit every has to be fresh peaches from Palisade, CO. (They are yellow peaches.) I have just ordered a 25 lb box of them, coming directly from a farm there. When they are just ripe, they are the most perfect blend of sweet, juicy, and firm fruit ever. The supply this year is down by 30%, so just the thought that I am so blessed that I may get to enjoy them in a few weeks delights me. I think I will freeze 2/3 of them, to be enjoyed even as winter arrives. Wish me luck!


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