Thankful Tired Thursday

Yep, we made it. We survived the two and a half day All Staff Conference – not only survived it, but it went wonderfully. The reason for the title, though, is that of the last four days, two have been ten-hour-plus days (the Conference started Monday night and ran through Thursday lunch), and all the mornings have been earlier than I’m used to. Plus, being an occasionally extroverted introvert, while I loved all that people time, people are exhausting for me.

In spite of being wiped out, my brain was bubbling over with thankful things last night – I had nowhere to write them, so here they are as best I can remember:

  • music, so many forms of wonderful music over the past four days
  • laughter – laughing till my face hurt, and hearing two hundred co-workers laughing along with me
  • community, gathering, sharing, building
  • having the courage to get to know so many new people – and finding so many of them wonderful [because of the structure of the nation-wide organization I work for, I have not met most of the field staff, in spite of having worked at headquarters for fifteen months, so many of my co-workers were new to me]
  • hugs
  • gathering in prayer – holding the hands of brothers and sisters in Christ whom I had just met, but having our faith and work in common (IĀ love working for a Christian organization)
  • people being willing to make fools of themselves, so we could all laugh and cheer and bond – the phrase that kept running through my head last night was “it worked! I can’t believe it worked!”, in reference to the team building activity for the entire staff that my team has been deeply involved with planning for nearly a month (perhaps more on that later, perhaps not, we’ll see)
  • it worked! šŸ™‚
  • a co-worker willing to share her basement futon last night so I didn’t have to drive an hour home after the concert following the awards ceremony last night finished up at 10:30
  • team work – sharing the load, complementing eachother’s talents, getting it done together
  • smiles from new friends
  • peppermint tea to help keep me awake during the informational sessions
  • being able to push past the stress (and don’t let the post-wrapup glow make you think there wasn’t any of that!) and do what needed to be done
  • and lastly… that, good as it was, it is over. šŸ™‚ Theoretically, it will be much less stressful at work for a while…

Thanks for reading, and for being patient with a post-less week this week. Hopefully you all had a good one – it would be great if you’d share!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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4 Responses to Thankful Tired Thursday

  1. Robin Hourigan says:

    Hi Ruth –
    Really enjoying reading these Thankful posts, they’re so uplifting!


  2. Gramma says:

    Thankful you survived your week Ruth and it went well. Mine is moving right along. love you


  3. Aunt Susan says:

    Wowza! busy week! So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone, a little, and enjoyed it. Hope you have a restful and relaxing week-end:) Love you lots!


  4. Susan Gossner says:

    Thankful for weddings that our daughter Sarah has attended and sometimes been involved in. (Five in the past year.) We attended the wedding of a friend’s daughter today, and Sarah was one of the flower girls. She’s seeing the importance of Godly marriages at an early age.


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