Thankful Thursday

I had a cold this week. Thankfully we had last Friday, the 20th, off after the hectic-ness of the Conference, which was much appreciated. Unfortunately, I started with a sore throat on Saturday night and things went downhill from there… that’s why my thankful list this week is skewed a certain direction:

  • vitamin C – did you know broccoli has more vitamin C than green beans?
  • picture of white-trunked tree in dappled sun

    May 2011 in Maine (Birch?)

    tissues. Seriously.

  • chicken soup
  • hand sanitizer – my mom did teach me to share, but sharing germs is not nice…
  • mixed fruit & vegetable juice – it lets me get some liquid vitamin C and some throat soothing with about half the sugar of straight orange juice. Plus, if I get it in little juice boxes, I don’t have to worry about it needing refrigerated or going bad before I’ve used it all, even though I feel a bit of a doofus buying juice boxes with no kids. 😛
  • crunchy yellow corn chips and salsa with just the right amount of spice (that was before the cold…)
  • long weekends with lazy days to lie around on the couch (even if I was sniffling and blowing at the time)
  • that, miserable as colds in general are, this one has been fairly mild and is mostly past except for an occasional coughing fit

By what limited feedback and I’ve had so far on this poll (which is still open if you haven’t voted yet now closed), my readers would like at least something besides text with these posts. So, since pictures of colds are icky, and I don’t have any of chips and salsa or long weekends, I decided to just go back through my camera-dump and pick some favorites for inclusion.

So, there you have it. I’m glad I’m feeling better. Are you glad for anything this week?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Susie P. says:

    Sorry for the cold. Love the tree picture.


  2. Momma G says:

    It is Friday here, but my clock says still Thursday there (10:30PM). Thankful we are finished with Conference. Thanks for praying. Thankful for rain to fill the water tanks. Thankful for washing machines. Thankful for fans. Lots to be thankful for, right now I am thankful for the night to sleep and refresh. Also thankful for a very lovely daughter who takes great pictures!


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