Thankful Thursday

Well… the internet sucked my brain out through my eyeballs… I just spent way longer than I should have cruising around a couple of new blogs (fascinating though they were) and then got distracted by YouTube (wonderful resource though it is) and now my eyes are rectangular and my brain is sizzling gently. 😛

This was a bit of an odd week for the weather. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were sunny and mid-to-upper-eighties. Then in about twenty four hours it went from t-shirt and flip flops with the airconditioning on again, to a hoodie and hot tea and snuggling with my fleece blanket (thanks Aunt S!) on Monday. We’ve had rain off an on since then, highs in the mid-sixties if we’re lucky. I guess Fall really is here – a lot of the trees seem to think so anyway – and I’ll just have to go with it, ready or not.

Regardless of my fried brain, I know there are things to be thankful for. Things like:

  • the aforementioned hoodie and fleece blanket (and knowing I’ve got more blankets to add as the cold gets worse)
  • leaf turning from green to red

    October 2011, Pennsylvania

    my new Riverdance CD I found at Goodwill over the weekend (yes, I know, it is so ’90s, but Reel Around the Sun is still a fantastic piece of music)

  • a little more success getting up on time this morning; the rest of the week has been rough (when will I learn to manage my weekends the way I should so they don’t throw off the next week?)
  • that I finally got my laundry done last night after needing to do it for the last six days
  • a successful and smooth yearly performance evaluation at work (my first!)
  • crunchy, spicy, delicious habañero bbq flavored almonds to munch on in the car on the way home 🙂 I bought a one pound bag on sale a few weeks ago and have been parceling them out into a little tupperware for snacking in the car. They make me smile.

Anything you’re thankful for that you’d like to add to my list? Feel free!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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5 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Susie P. says:

    Two things:
    1. You only put off laundry for six days? I’m way past that right now. Ugh. : )
    2. We had a weather shift like that today — cloudy and gross for three hours, sunny and hot for 20 minutes, pouring rain for 15 minutes, and now back to cloudy and gross and spitting. The weather is unstable!

    Oh yeah, thankful . . . thankful for rain and sunshine in the same day.


  2. Gramma says:

    Thankful for a very successful day for medical procedure, even though it was almost twelve hours long. Know God had a plan and His is always better than mine.


  3. Aunt S says:

    Thankful as always that my beautiful neice puts a smile on my face at least once, each and every week. Also thankful that a warm blanket is appreciated.


  4. Susan Gossner says:

    Thankful for airplanes that can take us to incredible destinations.


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