Black and White

This Daily Post from WordPress last week on black and white photography inspired me to share this picture. It was taken in color, last December, in my grandmother’s front yard. I was manipulating some other things on the picture and thought ‘why not slip a black and white filter in and see what it looks like?’ And then sat there with my mouth open.

tall pines against the sun, black & white

Pines, California, 12/24/12

[Side note: today is my brother’s birthday – happy birthday J! 😀 Also, it’s six months since I launched this blog – how did that happen already?
Edit: tomorrow is also my Gramma’s birthday – my top commenter! Happy Birthday Gramma! :-D]


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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6 Responses to Black and White

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    Beautiful picture! You are quite impressive. I will be in that very front yard this week-end for your Gramma’s birthday!


  2. Robin Hourigan says:

    Beautiful! Where is your Gramma’s yard? California, for real? That’s so neat. I had never been to CA until last year, we went for our anniversary and Mike’s birthday. I loved the different landscape there.


    • Ruth says:

      Yes, my Gramma lives up in the mountains in northern California. It certainly is a different landscape from back East – glad you could go see the beauty.


  3. Susan Gossner says:

    Love this breathtaking picture. You are awesome!
    Love, Aunt Susan


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