Thanksgiving Thursday

No, I’m not at work or at the library (where the internets are) on Thanksgiving, I wrote this ahead of time and set it to post later. But after 27 consecutive Thankful Thursday posts, I couldn’t very well let this one slip by could I? And on the most thankful Thursday of the year? Of course I’m posting!

We’ve had nasty weather the last couple of days here; heavy rain/light snow/cold (it’s actually flurrying as I write this on Wednesday). I’m thankful I’m not flying and having to deal with all the east coast airport delays. I do think fondly of sitting around a big table with however many family members we could wrangle into the same geographic location (always variable) and pausing to go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. So here is the blog version of what I would say, if I were there… I am thankful for:

  • God and his grace and mercy and love – I’d be in a pickle for sure without grace
  • my family – for how we get along while being different people with our own experiences and opinions; how supportive we all are of each other, even when we’re so widely scattered; how I know no matter what happens, they’ll never give up on me (nor I on them). I know *little girl voice* “I’m thankful for my family” is so cliche, but I’ve realized over the last few years that not everyone has what we do with our family and I am thankful.

    orange maple leaves and twigs against the sky

    standing under the tree, 11/9/13

  • plentiful food – thankful that even though I’ve had some times of being pretty extremely broke, what with working minimum wage or being between jobs, I’ve never truly been starving, never really had no idea when my next meal would be. That’s a blessing that a lot of people in this world, even here in America, don’t have. (And yes, watching and re-reading The Hunger Games made me think of this, but I honestly feel it’s something too many of us take for granted. Hunger Games has also made me thankful that no one has ever seriously tried to kill me or my loved ones, knowing there are so many people for whom that is not true, but that’s a bit morbid for Thanksgiving…)
  • a working heater and a water-tight home as the weather worsens. The bedroom window and the beautiful big sliding glass doors are not very thermally sound, I’m finding, but I can work with it as long as nothing leaks.
  • a good job – the best I’ve ever had, really
  • long holiday weekends – no spectacular plans for this one, but I really do enjoy the chance to relax [I realize the risk of typing that before I attempt to drive home through the madness of holiday traffic… hopefully there will be relaxation once I get home :-)]

I know many of you will be busy with your own family and food and blessings when I post this, but you can still add to my Thanksgiving Thankful list whenever you would like (and don’t worry if you are thankful for the same things, I still love to hear from you!).


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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