Random 2

I have a draft that I’ve been working on, but between being sick and other demands on my time, it hasn’t gotten done. So instead you get a dose of randomness laced with health information you may or may not have wanted this week.

~~ I was feeling better, the coughing had almost completely gone away, but then on Saturday night I could feel my sinuses filling up like a water tank after the dry season and for the next two days my nose proceeded to do a credible impression of a faucet. I actually ate dinner with a tissue plug in one nostril, just so I could have some peace.

cover photo of Beauty by Robin McKinley

(c) HarperTeen 2005 reprinting

~~ I bought Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty & the Beast by Robin McKinley for 25¢ from the used book shelf at my local library over the weekend. It made great reading while sitting around blowing my nose on Sunday afternoon. I like it, even though I haven’t finished it yet, but I found myself strangely trying to picture Belle from Disney’s version of the story in my head as I was reading. I haven’t seen that one in many years, and Robin’s Beauty’s real name isn’t even Belle, it’s Honour, so it was a bit odd. I like re-imagined fairy-tales, though, as long as they don’t go too dark.

~~ It would be an interesting exercise to go through my 300+ books and see how many of them came from library sales… they are so wonderfully cheap, and usually in good condition for used books, and such a random collection of old and new all across the genres.

~~ I knew my cold was starting to get better when I only took one tissue with me to lunch today, as opposed to yesterday when I took the whole box. 😛 My ribs do still hurt, though…

sunlight between bare trees over snow

Sunlight over snow, Maine, 12/24/11

~~ One of the things I struggle with when buying books is whether to buy ones I haven’t read or not. I mean, what if I end up not liking it? Then it’s a waste of my money – and for new books these days, it’s much more money than it used to be! But then again, if I only buy books I’ve already read, where’s the adventure in that? (Unless, of course, they are good enough to read over and over, in which case it’s a good investment. 🙂 ) With the two I picked up at the library sale this weekend, that makes five books purchased in the last two months that I hadn’t read before buying (don’t worry, I didn’t pay full price for any of them.) I’ve only finished two of them, but so far I like the two I’m still reading – perhaps my judgement in books is getting better with age?

~~ I’ve done some movie reviews, perhaps I should do some book reviews… if I end up liking Robin McKinley’s Beauty, I may review it here. Of course, it might make a more interesting review if I don’t like it… 😛

Alright, that’s enough randomness for now, I should wrap up and go get some chicken soup or something else healthy for dinner…


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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6 Responses to Random 2

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your Holiday posts, and how sorry I am you have been sick. Boo! Now onto books…have you read the “Book Thief”? A friend just lent me her copy and said it was one of the best books she’s ever read.


  2. emilythebear says:

    Hey Roo! Have you ever thought about joining GoodReads? I’m on there. There’s a link on the bottom of my blog pages. It’s pretty nifty- you put in a lot of the books you’ve read and rate them, and then it will recommend books to you based on your taste. You can also read other people’s reviews of books so you can tell whether or not you would like them. I am using it to organize my 30 books to read this year. 🙂


    • Ruth says:

      I have thought about GoodReads, yes, but I haven’t actually investigated it. I feel like putting in all the books I’ve read would take a very long time… but it might be useful to make an actual list of all the books that I keep saying are “on my list to read” 🙂


  3. Susie says:

    I love that book! The first time I read it was in 5th grade and have read it several times since then. She has a bunch of other good books, but that is still my favorite of hers. In some ways it reminds me of the strange version of Beauty & The Beast that has Rebecca De Morney in it, don’t know if you’ve seen that one. Anyway, the book is better. Of course. 🙂


    • Ruth says:

      I have two other Robin McKinley books (“The Hero and The Crown” and “The Blue Sword”), which is what made me want to buy this one without having read it. The name Rebecca De Morney doesn’t ring a bell, but I know there’ve been multiple movie adaptations I haven’t seen.


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