Thankful Thursday

I’ve been fighting with mornings all week. For the last couple of weeks, really. Thankfully, I’ve started to win some in the last four days, but it’s still rough. Unfortunately, my coughing and stuffy nose and sore ribs are still making sleeping a battle, which is not helping. Ibuprofen and melatonin are evening things out somewhat, though. It also doesn’t help when several mornings have looked like this (Tuesday this week.)

bare trees fading into fog

Foggy morning, 1/15/14

Fog is much better when it’s got the light behind it, like this (also, having Mr. Darcy in front of it helps 🙂 .) Nevertheless, there are things to be thankful for. Things like:

  • the melodious British voice of Nigel Planer, who has been reading Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man to me as I drive for the last two weeks. (Alright, fine, it’s an audio book I borrowed from the library, not Nigel actually reading to me… and when the scuffed CDs skip he sounds like a really bad rapper. But still, it’s made my hour-long commute a little more enjoyable.)
  • Tissues. I know, I put them on here back in September and I’ve been trying not to double up, but if your nose had been producing mucus at the rate mine was earlier this week, you’d agree that they’re worth the second mention. 🙂
  • that my nose has indeed ceased its faucet impression, though some coughing still lingers
  • that my backup alarm woke me on Tuesday when my loudest alarm clock was accidentally left turned off, saving the morning from being a complete disaster
  • that I have learned not to feel contempt for myself for needing a whole flock of alarm clocks to help me with mornings
  • the green tea with Echinacea and elderberry that I’ve been drinking the last four mornings in a row. I don’t know if it’s the tea, or the massive doses of Vitamin C I’ve been taking (along with my regular multivitamins), or the copious amounts of water I’ve been drinking, but I’m glad I’m starting to feel better.

And, lastly, that this morning looked like this:

sun coming up to blue skies with scattered clouds

Sunup, 1/16/14

I like that much better. How about you?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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3 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. susan says:

    So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hoping you really are on the mend. Keep up the good fight, keep taking those vitamins, and get some sunshine (and vitamin D), along with the fresh air whenever possible. Praying for you.


    • Ruth says:

      Thank you for the encouragement and the prayers. I’m using my lightbox as well as taking extra Vitamin D. Now that I’m feeling less sick, I’ll see about getting out more – though you know I’m not a fan of the cold! 🙂


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