Thankful Thursday

Things have been getting a little better with mornings – it does help that my cough is finally gone and my sore ribs are almost all better. I know some people do it all the time, but getting up in the dark is hard for me. Knowing that we’re past the solstice and the days are slooowly getting longer is nice, though. More consistency with both getting up and going to bed is also helping, but that’s another thing that is difficult for me. Progress is still being made, however, which feels good.

In spite of the struggle, this week I am thankful for:

  • a clean windshield – having had the wiper fluid freeze to my windshield when it was 5 degrees (-15 C) and driving through a fair amount of sloppy conditions in various temperatures in the past week and a half, I am thankful every time the wiper fluid & wipers combination works to help me see better. [Side note: now I know to heat the windshield up with the air on the defrost setting for a while before using the wiper fluid.]
  • how much these little pink flowers make me smile (picture below.) This is from when I had only one; now I’ve got 8 or 9, across a half-dozen kalanchoe plants that were cuttings from a gift plant that I nearly killed.

    pink kalanchoe flower against white wall

    Kalanchoe flower, 1/20/14

  • a kind landlady who just smiled and gave me the maintenance key when I rang her doorbell at 9 pm on a 14 degree night to tell her I couldn’t find my keys in my purse (when I returned her key, having found mine left on the bookshelf by the door, she said “I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else – hang ’em around your neck!” 🙂 )
  • that that is the first time I’ve locked both my keys in my apartment, ever. There was the one time this December when I took my extra key with me to shovel snow off/around my car and dropped the key… Technically I didn’t lock myself out – I brought the key! – but I did need help getting back in. I found the key nearly a month later on a warm day, under the bush where it had been shoveled to and buried under varying amounts of snow. It’s now a bit funny colored from the weather and is firmly attached to a plastic key chain. (The problem was that it was just a single bronze key and by the time I noticed I’d dropped it, I’d already shoveled it into somewhere in the three-foot pile of snow. 😛 )
  • that the temperature made it all the way up to 32 F (0 C) today – I never thought freezing would be warm! We’re forecasted to get even warmer this weekend 😀
  • my mom’s wonderful little travel-sized old fashioned Singer sewing machine that has been helping me with a curtains project for the last week or so – more on that later, hopefully, when I get them finished.

Here’s to warmer – and longer! – days, to kind people and found keys, and smile-inducing flowers. Are you thankful for anything this week?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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4 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Momma Gossner says:

    Hooray! We just got the car washed. Couldn’t believe there was a line at 8PM. Warmer weather, possible high of 30. Everyone had the same idea, get the salt and mud off. 🙂 Thankful for places to wash and for people who work there.


  2. Susie says:

    Beautiful flower! 🙂


  3. emilythebear says:

    Glad you got into your locked apartment!! I’ve had that fear a few times when I leave the house and then think- uh oh, did I grab my keys and phone? So far, I haven’t locked myself out but I fear the day is coming…


  4. Gramma says:

    So thankful for good and loving friends, and family. For a Bible verse just when you need it, and people who share it. And for granddaughters, they are the best!


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