Thankful Thursday

Another week has come and gone (I feel like there’s a song in there somewhere) and I’m back to write again. Sorry to my regular readers about the lack of other posting this week, life has been busy.

March 17th, this past Monday, was Saint Patrick’s Day – but rather than having a parade and gamboling in the sunshine and clover, we had another snow day. Yes, our fourth in the last six weeks (and that’s not our fourth day of snow, it’s the fourth time of snow bad enough to close work.) I live north of work and they actually got nearly twice as much snow as I did, for once, but I still got 4 inches before noon. In spite of the lack of festivities on the day of, you’ll see a couple of Irish flavored things in my list below. Thankfully it has warmed up enough since Monday for almost all of the snow to be melted already, so that is nice.

Other things that I am thankful for this week are:

  • that when I missed the mouth of my insulated cup and spilled peppermint tea on myself on Wednesday afternoon, not only was it cold already so I didn’t burn myself, but I was wearing a polyester shirt, so most of it rolled off into my lap instead of soaking in, which gave me time to grab a napkin from a drawer before too much damage was done 🙂
  • my new windshield wipers – they work much better than my old ones did
  • that the Vitamin C tablet which rolled away under the stove to live with the dust bunnies last night wasn’t my last one.
  • that my Oxalis corniculata (pictured, in front of my spider plants) is blooming again –
    small yellow flowers

    My Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea in bloom, 3/15/14

    the little yellow flowers make me smile and they make my coffee table feel like Spring, since it’s not consistently warm enough for the plants to be outside yet

  • the leftover corned beef and cabbage and potatoes that one of my co-workers shared with me today. Since my mom’s dad’s people are from Ireland, we often had corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick’s Day growing up (and I always wore green, to avoid getting pinched for the lack of it,) but now that I’m not living with my parents anymore, it’s a lot of work to cook on my own. So I didn’t have any on St. Patty’s Paddy’s Day and was feeling the loss a little bit, but then my co-worker had a surplus (her family is Irish too,) so she shared. 🙂
  • that my city library has a wide selection of movies that you can borrow for free with a library card, so I borrowed John Wayne’s The Quiet Man and watched it over the last two nights. It’s a good, classic Irish movie – made in Ireland in the 1950’s – and they had the Collector’s Edition with the fascinating interviews too.
  • that the costume party I alluded to in the last two points last week – which was a surprise for the birthday girl, hence the vagueness – was a successful surprise last Saturday and we all had fun being pirates for a night 🙂

So, here’s to Irish things that make me smile, a cleaner windshield, and little yellow flowers. Do you have anything to be thankful for this week? I’d love to hear it!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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7 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Aunt Susan says:

    The “Quiet Man” is one of my all time favorites! I am thankful that it seems like Spring is here …since Winter decided not to show up this year. Sorry you got the brunt of it. Love You!


  2. Gramma says:

    Thankful for your taking time to post this week. Also for pain meds that work, and loving family to care for me when I need them.


  3. John Gossner says:

    We also like that movie. But please remember that Patty is a girl’s name. The male version is Paddy so it would be St. Paddy’s Day. I know because they made a big point of it on the Today Show that morning.

    Think Spring and longer, warmer days.

    Love, AR & UJ


  4. Susie says:

    I love the flower! And there is no way I’ll remember the name of it! 🙂 I’m thankful for cooler weather, rain, and successfully making instant chocolate pudding. Yes, the last one should be a no-brainer, but I don’t take kitchen things for granted.


  5. egghill says:

    Ruth, I enjoy your Thankful Thursday posts. I’ve thought about starting one myself, but I’m in the throes of taking care of my adult suicidal son and that changes life. But because of your post, I do stop more often and thank God for the small things that allow sunshine into my life. A good photography day, homemade soup (cream of broccoli last night), hikes, bikes, birds, bobcats. And thankful most of all that another week has gone by without another suicide attempt. Praise God.


    • Ruth says:

      Thank you for letting me know that these posts help you, Barb. I understand about life affecting blogging, for sure. Homemade broccoli soup sounds yummy – and I am thankful for good photography days too. Praise God indeed for one more suicide-attempt-free week for you and your son. Thanks for adding your thankfulness to my little corner of the internet.


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