Thankful Thursday 6-5-14

I do know it isn’t Thursday anymore, but I got delayed in the writing process last night, so I decided to finish the post today and just keep the title for consistency’s sake. The good news is that I don’t have to do laundry this weekend and the dirty dishes situation is better than it was two days ago. The bad news is that the dishes are still pretty dire. 😛 A little at a time, I guess, like the little engine that could…

There are still things to be thankful for, in spite of dishes that won’t wash themselves. Things like:

  • elastic ponytail holders – I love having my hair long at the moment, but as we ease into summer and the heat ramps up, I’m very grateful to have a way to get it off my neck

    New leaf standing tall in the sun

    New leaf in the sun, 5/15/13

  • my new 16-inch, black, oscillating stand fan – some air motion helps with the stuffiness because both my one window and my sliding glass balcony doors are on the same side of the apartment, so there is no through-flow
  • new little relatives – all three of my sisters-in-law are currently pregnant 😀 I have one niece and one nephew already, so by mid-January I’ll be an aunt five times. 🙂 Congrats all around!
  • travel safety so far for my parents while they’re on the road
  • text messages that make me laugh
  • pizza leftover from a farewell party at work for lunch today, so I didn’t have to pack two days in a row 🙂

Alright, it looks like the weather is holding steady at fabulous, so the church-league softball team I cheer/spectate for will actually get to play two Fridays in a row (first time all season, thanks to the rain!) so I need to wrap this up and get going. Here’s to teeny little babies, useful inventions, and laughter shared. Do you have any such things to be thankful for?

p.s. for those readers who pray, I know my brothers and sisters-in-law would appreciate your prayers for healthy babies, safe pregnancies, and smooth deliveries when the time comes.


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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One Response to Thankful Thursday 6-5-14

  1. Susie says:

    Yay for being an aunt again (times three!)!! 🙂


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