Thankful Thursday 7-17-14

As often happens post-vacation, it’s been a bit of a mundane week for me. Getting “back into the swing of things,” as it were, without actually swinging. I did, however, finally manage to get the laundry done Tuesday night (all three loads!), so I am now grateful to have a wide choice of clean clothing again. I also discovered that watermelon is better for you than I thought – who knew that it has a decent amount of vitamin A and C and potassium and magnesium? I took some leftover watermelon home from the annual barbecue at work on Tuesday and am planning to juice it and freeze the juice into ice-cubes for putting in fruit smoothies. I figured I should see if I would be getting anything besides sugar and water with my free watermelon, so I looked it up. 🙂

Along with free watermelon, I am thankful this week for:

  • strawberries on sale buy one tub get one free – also destined for the previously mentioned smoothies

    Classic red fireworks at night

    Fireworks, 7/4/14

  • that the sore I had on the top left of my mouth where I scraped it and then kept re-injuring it has now closed up. Eating is more fun when it doesn’t hurt.
  • the revelation of putting peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in the toaster oven till they’re crispy – I got it from a friend at work a while ago, it makes them much yummier 🙂
  • my experiment at lunch today that turned out delicious – I had a half of a hamburger patty leftover from the barbecue (the other half went into some soup the other night) and I had a microwave single serving thing of mac’n’cheese. So I combined the mac’n’cheese with the chopped up hamburger and some previously-frozen broccoli and it came out surprisingly scrumptious. Besides, I figure that adding some protein and vegetables balances the nutritional questionable-ness of the mac’n’cheese. 😉
  • the fact that the picture I currently have of my littlest niece on my desktop with one sleepy eye open makes me smile multiple times a day 🙂
  • this interesting movie trailer preview website I found through a theater reward points program – I like movies and enjoy watching previews. They’re often so ingeniously done and, if you think about it, are usually the reason we decide to see or not see movies. I’m not sure how they decide what to put on the site, but I often find trailers for interesting movies I’ve never heard of. (Obviously, I do not recommend all of the movies and/or trailers on that site and cannot vouch for any of the content.)

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week. Nothing momentous or earth-shattering, as I said, a bit of a mundane week. But it’s nice to have those now and then, to balance out the crazy ones. 🙂 I hope you’ve had a good week, whether it was ho-hum or hectic. Was there anything in it you’re thankful for? I’d love to hear it.


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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3 Responses to Thankful Thursday 7-17-14

  1. Gramma says:

    Thankful for a pretty relaxing Thusday after a dental appointment in a.m. 🙂


  2. Momma Gossner says:

    I always knew mac-n-cheese was questionable. 🙂 Thankful for all the places across country that have free wi-fi. Thankful for all the precious time we have been able to spend with family over the last months. Thank you Lord.


  3. egghill says:

    Ruth, your comment about PBJ sounds good. It reminded about one of my daughter’s friends who told me recently she cannot eat PBJ unless it’s on frozen bread. When she spent time at our house as a child, that’s how I served the sandwiches because I shopped so infrequently I froze my bread to keep it fresh. It’s funny the different little tricks that carry on through life!


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