Thankful Thursday 7-24-14

It’s funny, after over a year of doing this, I’m starting to find that whether I feel like I had a “good” week or a “blah” week kind of depends on how I’m feeling when I sit down to look back over it. If I’m having a rough day or just finished a monotone afternoon, I’m more likely to feel like I had a similar week. If I’m having a happy day or just had something funny or good happen, I’m more likely to see the bright spots in the week – at least when I’m attempting to summarize for the initial paragraph or two.

Often, though, when I get to the thankful list itself, I’ll remember something good that happened, which will remind me of something else that made me smile, and eventually what looked like a “blah” week will even out. Which I guess is part of the whole point of this weekly thankfulness exercise I’ve set myself. But that’s only “often”, not “always.” Sometimes it really has just been a rough week and bright points are few. Sometimes my brain really is tired and I wind up with a lot of (unpublished) “………um……..” wheel-spinning between bullet points. Sometimes it’s just been a rather unremarkable week. Thankfully (pun intended) that is only “sometimes.”

This particular week has been mostly unremarkable. I did finally get my car’s oil changed on Monday after work (after missing the closing time by a few minutes on Sunday afternoon.) I did go see the new Godzilla at the cheap theater on Saturday night (which was good, but I left somewhat unsatisfied. The effects and the acting were well done, but it was almost more of a MUTO – massive unidentified terrestrial organism – movie than a Godzilla movie and it felt almost like they wanted us to root for him against them, but I thought he was supposed to be the frightening, city destroying monster… Anyway, less-than-satisfying or not, it was cheap and fun.) I did buy myself some pretty yellow daisies at the grocery store for fun, which I am enjoying looking at, but I didn’t get any pictures yet because I found out both my sets of rechargeable batteries were dead. So, not completely boring, but nothing exceptional either. *shrug*

Even in the everyday there are things to be thankful for, though. Things like:0003385037PP-849x565

  • the kind and friendly technicians at the place I got my oil changed, even though I was a thousand miles past when I “should” have been in
  • getting my new rear wiper blade for free because of a $15 off coupon (I replaced the front ones some months ago, but forgot to get the back one at the time)
  • spending less than $5 for the first cut flowers I’ve ever bought myself (I’m fairly sure they’re the first, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong)
  • new growth on transplanted houseplants, which means I didn’t kill them – my Oxalis has some adorable teeny-tiny leaves, but sadly no pictures due to aforementioned dead batteries (they are charging now…)
  • having a cheap theater within a couple miles of my apartment – you have to wait for a long time for the movies to get there, and they only have two screens so they don’t always show the ones I want, but it’s half the price of a matinee at the other theater and the floors are (relatively) clean-ish and I still get the big screen and the big sound that I love
  • ballpoint pens – it would be so much more work to doodle in meetings if I had to use a quill and ink

On that note, I’m going to wrap this up. Here’s to clean car oil, cheap movies, and the wonders of writing-instrument technology. Unremarkable, fabulous, or in-between, do you have anything to be thankful for from this past week?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday 7-24-14

  1. Gramma says:

    I am so thankful for family and friends who take care of me. Whether in person, as giving me rides, or just in thoughts and prayers. I am blessed.


  2. egghill says:

    I’m thankful to escape to the mountains (only 20 mins away) and that I’m healthy enough to hike, as it’s been in the 100’s in the valley. Praise God!


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