Fireworks 2014

I enjoyed myself with the fireworks pictures this past Fourth of July. I have a “fireworks” setting on my camera, which leaves the shutter open longer (and possibly other settings as well), and results in some really cool pictures. The evening of the 4th, we set off some stick-in-the-ground fireworks before dark so that  my nephew could enjoy them prior to heading off to bed. There was too much light outside for my “fireworks” setting to work, though, the pictures came out very over-exposed. So I used just the normal settings and still got a few cool pictures:

Early evening fireworksDSCN8659_sm

Small fireworks in eveningJust for contrast, the next night we waited until after dark to set off the same type of fireworks (the kids were so hopped up on s’mores that they weren’t going to sleep anyway.) So the following pictures are the same kind of fireworks, in the same yard, but after dark with the “fireworks” setting on. I love the difference the setting makes (click to see larger/slideshow) :


There was also a second type, the kind that shoots the colored balls. Here’s the day-time vs. night-time contrast on those:




DSCN8795_smOn the night of the Fourth, about an hour after the first set of pictures, we started hearing huge fireworks being set off in multiple places. By walking out into the yard I could see some of them over the trees away to the right. There was another set far off to the left that was just sparkles through the branches and another (very enthusiastic) one behind us that was completely blocked by the hill, but we could hear the booms clearly. Since it was after dark, I could use the “fireworks” setting on the ones I could see just over the trees. Even though big fireworks are a regular annual sight for most Americans, I love how endlessly variable fireworks pictures are. (Mouse over the slideshow below to pause and/or manually control the advance.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At one point there was an extended wait between fireworks and, though I didn’t want to move and risk missing something, my brain got a little bored. You know you might have a writing problem when you come up with sentences like this to describe what you’re doing as you’re waiting: “Standing barefooted vigil in the un-silent night, bursts of sound rolling back and forth across the valley, waiting for the next chance to capture an explosion of colored light and fire.” It was a fun way to end a fun Fourth of July. 🙂


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I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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  1. Gramma says:

    Great pictures Ruth. thanks for sharing.


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