Thankful Thursday 7-31-14

Suddenly it’s the last day of July – where did the month go? I know there are back-to-school sales starting already and people thinking about the end of summer, but I, for one, am glad we’ve got weeks left till it cools down. I prefer the warm weather, though perhaps I wouldn’t like it as much if I never got a break from it. Perhaps not too. 🙂 We have had a string of cooler than average days this week, which has been a nice break for my air conditioner. I’ve appreciated sleeping with my windows open.

We had beautiful sunny 80 degree weather (25 C) on Friday last week… but the other softball team had to forfeit so my team didn’t play. After all the weeks lost to rain this season it was such a shame to waste a good day, but what can you do? I went to the cheap theater instead. 🙂 I saw Edge of Tomorrow (click the link for info & trailer), the new Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt sci-fi, which didn’t have very good marketing, but I thought it might be worth a half-price ticket. I wound up surprised at how good it was. Granted, it’s an alien invasion time loop movie (think Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers) so if either of those things are a hang-up for you, you won’t like it. But I found the CGI seamless, the plot – twists and all – fascinating, and the acting very good.

I enjoyed watching Cruise play something other than his perennial cocky, brash, invincible ladies man – he plays William Cage, a non-combat Army PR man who gets thrown into an offensive against the aliens with a cool powered weapons exo-suit he has no idea how to use. Which is how he gets killed and winds up repeating the day in the time loop. I also very much enjoyed watching Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataski, a suit-combat veteran who realizes Cage is caught in the loop and trains him to join her in taking the fight to the aliens. I liked Rita because she doesn’t whimper or fall down helplessly a lot or behave brainlessly, but she is able to be strong and competent and a good soldier without being abrasive or over the top. If you like sci-fi (or even if you don’t mind it much, the aliens are very un-gross this time) you should go see if Edge is still in a theater near you. It’s worth the money to see it on a big screen, in my opinion. I’d go see it again this weekend but it seems that was its last week in the cheap theater.

(Side note: I wonder if I should pull my movie reviews out into something besides the Thankful Thursday posts? Nah, it’s good discipline to try to keep them to a couple paragraphs or less.) Along with fun at the theater, there are other things to be thankful for from this past week, such as:

Close-up of yellow daisies in vase

Pretty yellow daisies, 7/26/14

  • National Weather Service data available in a few clicks so I can check to see if we really have had cooler than average days or if it’s just me 🙂
  • being pleasantly surprised at the theater for once
  • long phone conversations with friends (thanks M!)
  • interesting, intelligent forum discussions where no one feels the need to insult each other (or doesn’t indulge it if they do)
  • that my yellow daisies I bought a week and a half ago (pictured) are still going strong, brightening up my apartment
  • microwaves – I may not have one myself (on purpose) but I appreciate being able to use the ones at work and the existence of semi-instant-heater-uppers in general. Melty cheese concoctions are easier to make with microwaves.

So that wraps up another Thursday – I’m looking forward to Friday and the weekend. Here’s to entertaining and brain-stretching science fiction movies, comfortable weather, and cheery daisies. Would you like to add anything you’re thankful for this week?


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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