Thankful Thursday 9-11-14

About a hundred. That’s how many blog posts I’ve started in my head the past few weeks that have never made it to the screen. Well, alright, maybe it’s closer to ten or twelve, but still. There’s definitely thinking going on here, you just haven’t gotten to see much of it. And, yes, for anyone keeping track of the dates, I know it’s Friday, but I’m keeping the title the same for consistency’s sake.

I’ve been busy, with work where we had the culmination of a very exciting pilot program yesterday and today, and projects and life in general. In fact, I was thinking about other things so much yesterday that I forgot to to wear my September 11th memorial ribbon for only the second anniversary since I got it the day after the attacks. We stopped at a Michael’s craft store for something else that day and employees there were giving away a little bundle of red, white, and blue cloth ribbons, wrapped in a yellow ribbon for remembrance, on a tiny gold safety pin. I wore it every day for a month, then every 11th until the six month anniversary, and every year but two since. One was the five year anniversary, in 2006, when I was out of the country and didn’t bring it with me. And one was yesterday, when I simply forgot what day it was until I was in the car halfway to work and it was too late to go back. I didn’t lose anyone myself that day, but sixteen-year-old me silently promised the families of those who were lost that I would never forget them – so I wear the ribbons. *shrug*

This week, in no particular order, I am thankful for:

  • a successful and smooth conclusion to the aforementioned pilot program
  • teamwork to get seemingly impossible things done
  • that I am not the president of the United States, who has to make such terrible decisions about things like what to do about extremists, even as we’re marking the anniversary of the violence other extremists wrought
  • on a lighter note, how much fun I’m having catching up onΒ Doctor Who
    2005-2010 Doctor Who logo

    2005-2010 logo (c) BBC

    I’ve finished series 1 (the reboot from 2005, not season 1, which is from 1963) and just picked up series 2 from the library yesterday, so I’ll be getting into that this weekend πŸ™‚ I finally begin to understand the fanaticism…

  • having a co-worker friend who is also aΒ Doctor Who fan, so I have someone to talk to about it, since apparently no one who reads here is
    (or have you just not spoken up yet? πŸ™‚ )
  • the satisfaction of getting a personal project completed (for once… I have a problem with havingΒ “a really good idea” and starting it and then never finishing it…)

And now I need to go because my stomach is complaining of emptiness and there areΒ Doctor Who episodes I haven’t seen yet waiting for me. πŸ™‚ Here’s to sadness-tinged remembrance, someone else making theΒ big decisions, and British-flavoured happiness. πŸ™‚ I hope your week has been fantastic and your weekend will be the same. I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for, if you’d like to share.


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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8 Responses to Thankful Thursday 9-11-14

  1. Gramma says:

    As always I am thankful for the family and good friends who God has placed in my life. And especially thankful for the eye doctors report yesterday. No change, and that is good.


  2. Deb says:

    Well I’ll have to tell you that I gave watched Dr Who once, but Bucky and Trevor are big fans! Love, Mom VanDoren πŸ™‚



  3. Kara Brown says:

    My sisters are all fanatical Dr. Who fans. So, I’ve picked up on a lot of the Who-speak and have been thinking that I should start watching. At some point… Probably after I graduate in December…!!!
    This week I’m thankful for only one semester left
    That it’s supposed to cool off this coming week (YAY!)
    And that refried beans are both yummy and cheap =P


    • Ruth says:

      Yes, yes, you should start watching! Though, you’re right, after the semester might be better, ’cause it’s hard to stop. And (as someone who has just done it) I’d recommend the Ninth Doctor/ the 2005 reboot as a good place to start.
      Then call me. πŸ˜€


  4. mandyinpng says:

    I don’t watch Dr Who (well, I’ve seen a couple episodes here and there but don’t ask me what they were about or who played the Doctor in them), but the other day Bucky had some quote from it on Facebook and I realized that in one of my biology classes in PNG, one of my students was quoting Dr Who in class, when he described a diagram of a cell as “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff” and I had an “oooohhhhh…that makes more sense now” moment. πŸ™‚


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