Thanksgiving Thursday – 2014

I forgot to write this ahead of time like I did last year, so I’m spinning this off quick on borrowed internet at my friends’ house, so apologies in advance for any typos. 🙂 This will be a bit more “stream of thought” my usual semi-planned-ahead posts.

Of course, it’s Thanksgiving and there are a multitude of things to be thankful for. Here are the ones I’m thankful for off the top of my head:

  • remembering to re-stock the extra toilet paper roll in the undersink cabinet
  • friends who invite “strays” like me over for Thanksgiving
  • and then don’t judge you when you bring store-bought rolls as your contribution 🙂
  • days off – this year is the first time I’ve ever had to use up vacation so I don’t lose it, so I took yesterday off.
  • longsleeve shirts in the cold

    orange-gold glory, 11/9/13

    orange-gold glory, 11/9/13

  • the anticipation of going to see a movie I’ve been waiting for later tonight (we’re going to see Mockingjay Part 1, the newest movie in the Hunger Games series – it would have been a trilogy, but they split the third book into two movies.) These are the same friends I went to see Catching Fire, the second movie, with last year. 🙂
  • turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. I know it’s practically un-American, but I’m not really thankful for stuffing or cranberry sauce, since I don’t actually like them. 😛
  • friends who don’t mind if you borrow their laptop and internet while we’re waiting for the turkey, which is taking longer than the internet said it would… and yes, I’m sitting on the couch in the livingroom with everyone while I type, not being anti-social. 🙂
  • laughter

Okay, supposedly the turkey is finished now, so we’re moving to the “re/heating other things” stage, including my rolls I brought, so I’d better get going. I’m also thankful for you, my readers, and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you get the day off or not. Thanks for reading!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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