Thankful Thursday 1-15-15

Well, the window installation was bumped from Monday to today because of bad weather, and when I left this morning they were working on the apartment across the hall from me. I haven’t been home yet, so it will be interesting to see how the new window looks. I didn’t get the apartment completely clean and it is still a bit cluttered, but it is definitely less messy than it was. I even managed to make my bed this morning. 🙂

As far as things to be thankful for this past week, I am thankful for:

  • that when I had my bloody nose on Sunday afternoon, it was while I still had a tissue in my hand (all I did was blow my nose!) and there was a bathroom nearby to duck into with paper towels to attempt to contain it, instead of it happening, say, when I was driving home or at the grocery store

    ice crystals forming on puddle

    Ice crystals, 12/10/13

  • that apparently the clotting agents in my blood are working, since it did stop eventually
  • the safe arrival of my newest nephew Z, though it was harder on his parents than they had anticipated. Congrats D & E! 😀
  • getting books in the mail – I spent my Christmas gift card on Amazon and it’s been fun getting the packages
  • being pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of a book I’d only read an excerpt of in an anthology (and thus considered a bit of a risk for my Christmas money – so glad I went for it.)
  • both bright sunshine and dry roads for the drive to work this morning, a combination that has been in scant supply the last week and a half, even if it was still cold. It did get above freezing for the first time in a while today, though.

The book mentioned above is Fire Line: Summer Battles of the West by Michael Thoele, about wildland firefighting in the western United States. It was published in ’95 (which is hard to believe is 20 years ago now!), so it’s missing the stories and changes from the 2000s, but it is still a fascinating and comprehensive book. Many parts of it have the feeling of sitting around a campfire listening to the old hands tell their adventure stories, which is what I was looking for based on what I’d read, but it also includes working details and background that help someone like me who’s only brushed up against Western fire fighting through an uncle in the CDF to understand much more about how it works. It’s also got some incredible photos, which I was not anticipating. Very good investment of $6 for a used copy, if you’re interested!

And now I’m off to see what sort of window I got and whether the contractors contributed much to the condition of my carpets (vacuuming was one of the things I didn’t get to…). Have you read any good books this week or had any pleasant surprises? Anything you’d like to add to my thankful list is welcome!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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