Thankful Thursday 1-22-15

January is marching on, slowly, slowly lengthening the days in this hemisphere. We’ve had some snow, enough to make a mess of the roads and stick a bit (even enough for a small snowman to appear in my apartment complex yard yesterday) but nothing over three or four inches. It mostly all melted today in the slightly warmer weather.

My new window looks like the ones I had in my previous apartment, which was in the same complex, with the white plastic grids between the panes. Which will be interesting to photograph around, and there may be some reflective issues, as you can see from the picture below. It is the same nice big size, though, and still opens with a screen on one side, so if the warm weather ever comes back I can still sleep with my window open if I’d like.

This week, in no particular order, I am thankful for:

  • paperback books for a quarter at the library sale – it’s so fun to be able to get a handful of books for a couple bucks 🙂

    sunrise out new bedroom window with plastic grid

    First morning with new window

  • that it is 3-5 degrees warmer in my bedroom with the new window
  • potholders
  • kind, helpful, and competent technicians at the car shop where I got some new used tires for my car this week
  • perspective – I finally got around to doing my laundry for the first time since right before Christmas and was feeling… disgruntled by how much work it was going to be since I had so much to do. Then I remembered that once upon a time, when I lived in Mexico, I had to do laundry by hand, in a cement sink outside, with a brush and a bar of soap. And growing up in Papua New Guinea, I helped my mother do laundry when our “machine” was a (clean) toilet plunger, a 20 gallon barrel, and elbow grease, with a hand-crank wringer and a washing line for a “dryer.” I am thankful I have these experiences for perspective when I need reminding.
  • family birthdays in January, even if I’m celebrating from a distance this time – Happy Birthday S & S!

Here’s to less cold indoors, good cheap books, and continuing birthdays. What about you? Ever hit up a library sale? Ever done laundry by hand? Have anything you’re thankful for you’d like to share this week? I’d enjoy reading your answers!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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One Response to Thankful Thursday 1-22-15

  1. egghill says:

    Hi Ruth, laundry not quite by hand, but a big wash tub for soapy with an agitator, big one for rinse and wooden wringers run by electric. Just a thought about the plastic grids. I had them in my house and found that you can pull back on them and they’ll pop out of the side holes and you can remove them totally and put back when you move out.


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