Thankful Thursday 4-23-15

At the moment I’m wobbling between “well, that was cool” and “blah.” I’ve just spent… longer than I probably should have… reading the archives of a blog written by a Catholic convert who went to Turkey last year to teach English so that he could pursue the possibility of a relationship with a Turkish woman he’d met (he says, when asked by a customs agent on his way back into the US last month what had brought him to Turkey, that the answer was “love.” There were no details given, but it apparently didn’t work out.) Sometimes words just pull me in and I get lost. I liked his articulate, occasionally irreverent, descriptive writing voice, and the adventures he was having trying to live a normal teacher’s life in a foreign country were engaging. I started with one of his recent posts about his participation in a Catholic blogger’s group trip to Jordan and then started reading backwards from there.

He shut his blog down for five months while he was away, so it wasn’t a full year’s worth of reading, but I made it all the way back to his first post from Turkey. I don’t know when I started, so I genuinely don’t know how long I spent, watching him adjust to the rhythms of  new culture, sympathizing with the struggles of not having the language to say what you want, getting a whiff of this place I’ve never been to (and probably never will.) When I finally hit the red x on the beginning of his adventure, I realized it was an hour later than I’d thought. When I get lost in the words, time often gets slippery.

My next thought after “oh dear, not again with the time” was “well, that was cool.” It was, and I enjoyed it. Then the “blah” that had been there before I started reading returned. I’m tired today; last night was a short night and I’ve been low-energy for a couple of days. It may be hormonal, given where I’m at in the month, it may be nutritional, since low-energy tends to lead to less-balanced meal generation, it may just be one of those weeks. But I’m a bit “blah.” (Don’t worry Mom, I have some frozen chili I’m planning for lunch tomorrow, with cornbread and carrots, so the nutrition will be a little more balanced. Dinner tonight, though, I’m not so sure about… my plans for stir-fry the other night got postponed due to tiredness and the urgent need to get the laundry done, so there are no leftovers and the meat is still in the freezer.)

So, there’s a more detailed look at where I’m at and what I’ve been recently up to than I usually provide in a Thankful Thursday post, but hey. Once upon a time I had ideas about keeping these to a certain word-count, etc., but I’ve given up on those and let it flow. (The idea of trying for at least a half dozen things on the list is still stubbornly here, though, even when I have to think a while for the last one or two. :-] )

This week I am thankful for:

  • a place of my own on the internet to express myself, even if I don’t have “living in a foreign country” adventures (very often these days)
  • that I was safe and dry driving home Monday night, even though I was watching the lightning show in four separate places for a while
  • that I finally got over my reluctance to “throw things away” and cleared out the year and a half worth of pictures on my camera’s memory card, so now I have space for impromptu pictures like this one of the sunset the other night
    Orangey-yellow sunset behind obscuring clouds

    Sunset, 4/21/15

    (I finished filling the card while I was in Honduras, and no, I haven’t forgotten I promised you pictures, but when there’s limited physical and/or mental energy, I have to pick what to spend it on)

  • that my cell phone was indeed safely on my desk at work this morning after the horror of finding it missing when I pulled up to the grocery store on the way home last night. Since I don’t have a smartphone I wouldn’t have thought I was so attached to it, but I realized how very limited my ability to contact anyone is without it. I will be writing key numbers down when I get home – even borrowing a phone, or finding (gasp) a payphone, does you no good if you don’t know the numbers. There was also the stress of needing to meet someone at the DMV before work, with no way to contact them if something went wrong for either of us. (The meeting up part worked out fine, we arrived a minute or two apart, the rest of it is a more convoluted story.) But there was my phone, safe and sound by my computer keyboard, when I made it to work.
  • small steps toward progress (the laundry did get done, after all, so did washing my hair this morning)
  • a kitchen at work to wash out my tannin coated insulated tea mug, since I ran out of time to do it at home

And there’s my half dozen. 🙂 This whole thing has gotten much longer than I had expected, but I guess that’s a risk when someone who likes to talk doesn’t blog for a while. Thanks for “listening” as you read. If you’ve anything to be thankful for this week – long or short, exotic as another country or mundane as a clean tea mug – please feel free to add it to the list.


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday 4-23-15

  1. Slippery time – I know just what you mean!
    This week I’m thankful that we have enough fine days in a row for me to clear some of the backlog of laundry – including tricky things like large wool blankets.
    Hope your meals work out ok! We generally have a tin of soup or some bread & cheese for cheese-on-toast hanging about for those low-energy nights. I’ve also found having a fortnightly cycle of meals helps. Still the same amount of energy goes into cooking, but there’s less mental energy expended on deciding what to cook and figuring out what you have the ingredients for, what’s still frozen etc.


  2. Joanna says:

    Mundane as a clean tea mug? Love your choice of words, Ruth! Praying that good lunch gave you the boost you needed – proud of you for choosing to nurture yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!


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