Thankful Thursday 5-28-15

Well, I didn’t mean to drop off the blog here. In fact, I had this post almost ready to go last Thursday and then ran into technical issues that prevented me from posting. At least one of the previous Thursdays, I honestly forgot what day it was until it was far too late to get a post written. The main reason for my losing track of the days, and indeed the big news of the last few weeks, is that my position at work was eliminated in a restructure on May 1st and so I am currently unemployed. (Some of you who know me in person know about this already; sorry if this is a shock to the rest of you – believe me, it was a shock to me too.) So now I’m looking into my options going forward.

There are still a plentitude of things to be thankful for, though, including (but not limited to 🙂 ) :

  • a good severance package
  • the fact that I don’t melt in the rain, given that I neglected both to find out when the “possible thunderstorms” would be arriving and to bring my umbrella with me to the library two Saturdays ago (I did get wet on the way to the car, but survived)
  • getting mail for my birthday

    Small white flowers and bee

    Little flowers and friend, 8/30/14

  • discovering a new science fiction book that turned out not to be disappointing
  • collecting some new vocabulary words by watching Disney’s Maleficent in Spanish – including madrugada, “early morning” (as someone who is often not a fan of the aforementioned, I think it feels like a good word for muttering under your breath 🙂 )
  • delicious chicken wings at lunch with friends
  • the weather warming up enough for driving with the windows down, but then cooling down enough for wearing a hoodie (I was refusing to turn my air-conditioning on in May, on general principles, so the cool is a nice break. However, I broke down two nights ago when it was over 80 in my apartment, 5 or more degrees warmer than it was outside at 11 o’clock at night, even with all the windows open. 😛 )
  • gifts of beautiful flowers and a helium “Happy Birthday” balloon that make me smile every time I see them – thanks guys! 🙂
  • free wireless internet (except when it frustrates me with its inconsistencies…)
  • having a nice state park nearby for hiking on Memorial Day weekend (and nice weather for said hiking)
  • that my first-ever attempt at crockpot barbeque pulled pork turned out delicious – and produced enough to feed me for days

Alright, I better stop here, or I’ll never get this posted. I’ve already had to rewrite this closing paragraph twice when I got disconnected.  😛 Perhaps I’ll be doing some more blogging, now that I’ve broken the ice, as it were, though possibly not, if I can’t get the technical issues figured out. 😛 If you have anything you’re thankful for this week (or, indeed, the past several), please do add it/them in the comments below. The more the merrier! 🙂


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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3 Responses to Thankful Thursday 5-28-15

  1. Gramma says:

    So thankful for the wonderful family God has given me. and that is a lot! 🙂


  2. So sorry to hear your job disappeared! I hope you had a wonderful birthday regardless (my little REG, all grown up, sob sniff) and a new job of wonderfulity soon to arrive on the horizon.
    Myself, I am thankful that I am almost all better after being sick for the last couple of weeks. Also for knitting. I am very thankful for knitting. Knitting is awesome.


  3. Mandy Cantine says:

    I’m thankful this morning for sunshine and blue skies after many weeks of predominantly rainy weather! Also thankful for my husband taking the energetic child to church while I stay home with the beginnings of a nasty cold so I can rest in a quiet house.


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