Thankful Thursday 1-21-16

Sick. That’s what I am. Not the disgusted, or revulsed, or fed up kind, but the immune system battling a virus invasion kind. I’ve got a humdinger of a cold. Started out with a sore throat Tuesday night, which got worse Wednesday, and then I wound up staying home with fever, chills, aches, and a runny nose yesterday. I could have written this post that afternoon, but getting up off the couch felt like way too much effort.

I did make it back to work today, thankfully minus the fever and the runny nose, but it’s moving down into a cough now. Which is mildly concerning, since that’s what got me in trouble this time two years ago. I’m continuing to throw massive amounts of Vitamin C at it, though, along with some “immune support” herbal stuff we got for Christmas (thanks Aunt T!), and doing my best to stay hydrated. Which results in an annoying number of trips to the bathroom, but hey, at least the plumbing is working.

Other things I have found to be thankful for this week include:

Late afternoon sun through clouds along a roadway

Dramatic clouds, 10/17/14

  • one apple left for an easy and Vitamin C-laced snack yesterday afternoon
  • a wonderful mother to run to the store and get some more (and some orange juice and chicken noodle soup 😉 ) so I didn’t have to drag my exhausted self, like I did when I lived alone
  • a dry, warm couch and bed to lie around and be sick on while it was 40 (5 C) and rainy outside (at least it was a good day to be inside, instead of being gorgeous out)
  • a job with paid sick time (definitely not a given in my life so far)
  • kind people to take up the slack at work on short notice and not even guilt trip me when I got back, but nicely ask if I was feeling better
  • these awesome honey, lemon, and menthol cough drops I bought who-knows-where a couple years ago, which are great for when a cold shifts into your lungs
  • my brother and nephew who both had birthdays this week  – Happy birthday Ss!

There were things that happened in my week prior to getting sick, but they have sort of gotten lost behind the pile of tissues. 😛 I’m sure they’ll come out again once I get a little more distance from the pile. I hope your week has been sickness free!

Oh, yes, one more thing I’m thankful for: that I don’t live in the Mid-Atlantic anymore, which is currently getting hammered by a monster blizzard that is supposed to keep it up all weekend. Stay warm and safe out there folks!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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4 Responses to Thankful Thursday 1-21-16

  1. 5C seems cold enough, even without a monster blizzard! Hot lemon, honey & ginger is the best for a upper respiratory tract infection, in my opinion. That, and plenty of rest, by which I mean snuggling up on the couch watching the BBC Pride & Prejudice 🙂 Get well soon!


  2. Susan Gossner says:

    Praying you will get better quickly and this won’t take up residence in your lungs. How much vitamin D are you taking? Up it to 5,000 i.u., if you’re not already there. I’ve noticed the vitamin D really helps! We can send you a bottle. Let me know if you don’t already have it.


    • Ruth says:

      Thanks for the prayers. I’m getting 2000 iu usually between the multivitamins and the dash that comes with the fish oil; but I added an extra 1000 after you mentioned it when we saw you, so I’m up to 3 now.


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