Thankful Thursday 2-11-16

I had most of this list written last Thursday, but not the rest of the post, so I didn’t get it up. I thought about posting on Saturday, but the day slipped away from me. So I decided to add to it and post tonight instead.

This week and last week, among other things, I am thankful:

  • that people around here do things like take something to the Lost & Found at the front desk instead of stealing it
  • that when I tripped on the concrete steps on the way to work (thus dropping the thing that was lost and later found), I didn’t bash my knees or even take any skin off my hands
  • Sea turtle in sunlit shallows

    Sea Turtle
    (c) Tommy Schultz

    for the gorgeous pictures I found on a National Geographic photo contest – like this one, which was taken by Tommy Schultz – some of which now brighten my desktop

  • that my words could be a help to someone in sorrow
  • that the wonderful volunteers who have doubled our attendance numbers at morning coffee breaks are patient with me as I get a handle on how much coffee to make
  • for the new coffee pot we got to replace the one that got dropped off the back of a golf cart and broken, since we were using a jury-rigged contraption with part of a percolator while we waited for it
  • that my cold from a few weeks ago seems to be all gone now
  • that when I broke three fingernails at once moving a five gallon bucket of barbecue sauce (did you know they weigh 50 pounds (~23 kg)?) I didn’t break anything else
  • having someone to go with to see a movie I might not ordinarily watch but kinda wanted to (and then surprising myself by actually liking it 🙂 … I should say, liking most of it, since there were parts I couldn’t see through my fingers)
  • that when I dropped that case of root beer in the cooler this afternoon, I caught it across the corner of the shelf and not with my foot or smashed on the floor (I did have to stand there a minute breathing off the adrenaline spike, though.)

So there you have it. It hasn’t been a boring couple of weeks, that’s for sure. 🙂 How about you? Anything you’re thankful for in your week? Something that happened or maybe something that didn’t? Feel free to share in the comments!


About Ruth

I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday 2-11-16

  1. Three fingernails at once? Yikes!
    I am thankful that the house we live in has an air-conditioner, thus making it possible to give tonight’s lasagne the appreciation it deserves even when it’s still 24C outside at half past six!


  2. Aunt Susan says:

    Thankful for a sister that makes me wonderfully creative hats like the big red anry bird and a wonderful niece who is the head model 🙂


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