Arachnid Attack

I don’t know if they were having a war, or what, but this is what greeted me today on my return from two weeks of house sitting elsewhere.

Small brown scorpion with web on tail, next to a spider, both dead

[click to see larger] 06/30/16

Thankfully quite dead, both of them.

The part that really skeeves me out is that I was already in the kitchen with my barefoot toes less than a foot away before I noticed this little tableau. What if either or both of them had been alive? *shudder* (I know, I know, you say “you’re a lot bigger than they are, they’d probably be running away” – it’s not so much the possible pain of a scorpion sting that bothers me, it’s the thought of sixteen little legs and the possibility they might get on me.)

After backing up slowly, breathing deeply, and confirming no current movement, I went to fetch some weaponry, just to make sure. When I got back and there hadn’t been any movement while I was gone, I inspected a little more closely and saw the folded legs and lowered tail.

Then I looked around the kitchen further and saw another casualty.

Small brown scorpion, dead, partially suspended by a web

[click to see larger] 06/30/16

This one was over in the corner, completely suspended in a web until I poked it with a flip flop to see what it was and whether it was alive. I thought it might be a leaf at first.

Three dead arachnids in my kitchen. That’s a lot of legs and a lot of bodies. I can’t stop my imagination from wondering at it in a slightly horrified way. How did it go down?

The one in the web had much smaller pinchers than the other one. Is she the girl who went out for groceries and never came back? Did the spider get cocky ’cause it handled her and thought the male would be no problem when he came hunting? When did it know it had bitten off more than it could chew? Who got the first hit, that they wound up dying next to each other? There’s something white on the scorpion’s tail – possibly spider web. Did the spider do it while dying of his injuries? Or did he think he had it won and didn’t realize the scorpion’s poison was working through his body?

Anyway, overactive imagination aside, after I took pictures and carefully swept them up, I did go check the baseboards and corners in the rest of the house, just to be sure. Even thinking about all those little legs makes my toes nervous.


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I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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5 Responses to Arachnid Attack

  1. Dan Gossner says:

    Maybe the spider was the girl who went out for groceries and never came back and her boyfriend is still on the warpath after having easily handled the two scorpions.


    • Ruth says:

      Hey now, I’ve got enough heebie-jeebies without you adding in more spiders. 😛
      The argument against that theory, though, is why wasn’t the second scorpion strung up? That scene I didn’t disturb, unlike the other.


  2. Erk! Happy to say I have never found a scorpion in my kitchen (we don’t have them in these here islands) but I have found a white-tail spider or two in my bedroom. Tim carries them out and then I jump up and down on them in my boots til they are no longer distinguishable from the earth.


  3. SUSAN GOSSNER says:

    Ewww! I probably would have screamed. It’s been a while since we’ve been in touch. How are you? Give me a call.


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