Bananagrams Solo

So, I did this for the first time last night:


11/15/16 (click to see larger)

[Learn more about the game Bananagrams here.]
It took me just under an hour and a half to use all the tiles on my own. I started with 21, as per the rules for Bananagrams Solo at the bottom of the little rules sheet, and never took two new tiles without having used all my letters (though I did let myself get away with “hi” twice.)

“Pixie” was the first word – I thought it an ingenious enough use of X that I kept it. I had “flume” for a while, which I liked enough to move and keep when the lower left quadrant got rearranged to accommodate both Zs, but in the end the F was needed elsewhere and the rest of the letters got re-homed. “Fife” was the first word I had to break out the digital dictionary for. I knew it was something besides Sheriff Andy Taylor’s Deputy, but I couldn’t remember what (it’s a small musical instrument.) That one got broken up as well; possibly one of the Fs went to “flume.”

“Prejudice” started out as “ice,” then “juice,” then I had P, R, and E looking for a home, so I stole a D from somewhere and made a nice long word. 🙂 That U in the middle was useful for using up stray consonants until a bigger word needed them (i.e. “hut” or “rub” or…). I’m proud of “lilting,” though I think it’s ironic for it to be followed by “thugs.”

I wound up with no repeated words in the final and only one two letter word that isn’t in a “knot.” Those were rule variations I decided on halfway through when I saw how the puzzle was going. That did make using my last draw a bit more of a challenge, but I scrounged an R from somewhere and “area” became the final word. [EDIT: argh, there is a repeat! Can you find it?]

It was quite satisfying to sit back and look at the finished product and I enjoyed my word-nerd self. 🙂 Maybe next time I’ll have to try for no two letter words in the final at all…


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I am a Missionary Kid (MK) enjoying navigating this life with the unique viewpoint that has given me.
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3 Responses to Bananagrams Solo

  1. Flume? I’m impressed. I had to look that one up as I had no idea what it meant. Well done you! Is Bananagrams pretty much like Take Two, but in a banana bag?


    • Ruth says:

      It’s the same idea – free-form crosswords with little tiles, made as quickly as you can – but there are a couple of wrinkles that make a bigger difference in play than I would have thought. Also, I think Take Two is played with a Scrabble set and I don’t know that game well enough to know if the proportion/number of letters is the same as in a Bananagrams set. I think you’d enjoy it – we should play together if we ever wind up in the same country again.


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