About the Blog

It’s about time I updated this page from “I just started this blog and here’s what I’m hoping” to “well, the blog’s been going for a while and here’s how it’s been.” Information on why I chose to start this blog is in the ‘Welcome‘ post, it’s a good read; this page is more about what you can expect (as far as I know) and some information for new readers.

I started out hoping to post at least weekly, maybe twice, but my posting frequency has been all over the map, from nearly three times a week to once a month.  I enjoy posting regularly, but sometimes life just happens instead of writing. I do want this blog to be a little window into my world, and my head, so that people who know me can know what is going on, and people who don’t can learn a little more about an adult MK (Missionary Kid) and some of the unique tools that upbringing gives us for this Journey of life.

Sometimes I try to post on a theme (like my ongoing “Interesting MK Tidbits” series or movie reviews) and sometimes it’s just random. I do have a regular feature called Thankful Thursday, which I try to post weekly. It started out as a lighthearted exercise in deliberately noticing the things in my week that I have to be thankful for, and has turned into rather something more. I put an invitation at the end of every Thankful Thursday post for readers to add their own things to the list, and I do mean it. Even if you don’t usually comment on blogs, even if you don’t know me, even if  you’re a first-time-reader, please, if my post made you think of something you’re thankful for, share it. I would love for intentional thankfulness and its effects to spread.

orange daylily with rain droplets

Tiger daylily after rain, 6/23/11

I post pictures occasionally, since I love taking them. Mostly of nature, since I find taking pictures of people I don’t know to be awkward and I prefer to let the people I do know control their own images. Some of my favorite pictures are pulled into galleries on the Photo Gallery page, others are scattered across the blog. You can see all posts in the “pictures” tag by clicking the link.

Speaking of links, I tend to use them with some frequency. If you find any broken ones, either internal to the blog or to external content, even in older posts, please let me know either by comment or email. I try not to assume someone reading knows about previous posts, so I will link back to them if I mention something I wrote. External links, most often for movies linked to IMDb (the Independent Movie Database), are provided so the reader can get more information about something, if you should choose. The content there, however, is not necessarily endorsed, nor am I responsible for it. Internal or external information is of no use if the link gets broken, though, so I’d appreciate the help, since I’m not going back to check them all.

The Name

As to the name of this blog… I had it in my head for some time prior to starting the blog. It crystallized when I heard a speaker ask “If your life was a book, what would the title be?” The word Journey popped into my head and it makes sense in so many ways. Yet this blog cannot be a record of my entire Journey – not only has it missed the chunk of my life that happened before it started, but there are things that happen that I do not want to share with all of cyber-space. So, I see it as just a piece of that Journey, as it were, a Road on My Journey.

“Roads are for journeys, not destinations.”
– King Mongkut in Anna and the King


2 Responses to About the Blog

  1. Kelly Grace says:

    Hello, I hope this blog gives you the outlet you’re seeking for your fiction or poetry and anything else you’d like to share. I enjoy writing and photography, and of reading blogs. I have no idea how I got here to your blog, but I’m thinking it’s a God thing.


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